Pippa Middleton just royally screwed up.

Pippa, you should be so ashamed.

Pippa Middleton…sorry, you do know who I’m talking about right?

Okay, so you remember the woman carrying Kate Middleton’s train at the royal train. The one who accidentally stole the show with her very nice bum.

Ah....HER! Image via Getty.

Well, she pops up every now and then. But today, she pops up for a very bad reason.

The second Middleton sister fancies herself as a bit of a writer (as well as party planner), and so her travel article appeared in The Telegraph UK all about her recent trip to Norway.

She wrote, "we dined on smoked whale carpaccio (which tastes similar to smoked salmon but looks more like venison carpaccio)".

Yes, she ate whale. And didn't think it was a problem at all despite the huge efforts of environmental and animal rights agencies across the globe trying to end the cruel illegal fishing practice.

Oops. Image via Getty.

Vanessa Williams-Grey from the UK campaign group Whale And Dolphin Conservation (WDC) told the Daily Mail, "This is really disappointing news, particularly as Pippa is so high-profile, and given how active her brother-in-law, William, is on speaking out against poaching and wildlife crime. Commercial whale hunting is banned, the UK government backs the ban and for good reason. Killing whales is cruel, there is no humane way to kill them and many are slaughtered using brutal harpoon grenades."

Williams-Grey continued, "Last season, 731 minke whales suffered an agonising death at the hand of Norwegian whalers. It might have been better for Pippa to take a whale watch trip in Norway. She might then have thought twice about condoning and indeed, promoting, this cruel and unnecessary trade."

The 31-year-old Middleton has yet to comment.

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