The real reason there were no bridesmaids at Pippa Middleton's wedding.

Pippa Middleton’s wedding to stockbroker James Matthews on the weekend had it all. Celebrity guests, a reported 20,000 canapes and misbehaving children.

But there was one wedding staple that was missing that you may have noticed.


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Aside from some very adorable (if cheeky) looking flowergirls and page boys, Middleton didn't have the typical squad by her side - and it's all to do with ancient rules.

In the UK, the term 'maid of honour' originally referred to the female attendant of a Queen before it later became a term associated with weddings. Bridesmaids were chosen from unmarried women of "marrigeable age" related or known to the bride and groom, but marital status is now generally not considered in eligibility.

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The exclusion? Royal weddings, which still very much stay true to tradition. It is for this reason that Kate Middleton was unable to repay the favour of acting as maid of honour as her sister did for her 2011 wedding. As an official member of the royal family, she can also not appear to "serve" a lower ranking person as her sister is.

While modern weddings will typically have adult bridesmaids and younger "flowergirls," the royal family traditionally have a large bridal party of children as bridesmaids and pageboys, as the Duchess of Cambridge did when she got married. This dates back to Victorian England.
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Pippa followed in her sister's footsteps by having a young bridal party, including her nephew Prince George and niece Princess Charlotte.

However if you're thinking of channeling the Royals and doing the same... just remember that children aren't always quite as good at following instructions as adults.

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Did you have young bridesmaids?