Pink shuts down "concerned" body haters in an excellent way.

She doesn’t give a sh!t about your opinion of her body.

Singer, songwriter, mother, wife and all-round incredible feminist warrior Pink has taken to Twitter to respond to mean-spirited people who want to bring her down (from her flying trapeze).

Over the weekend, Pink, 35, put on a great dress, went to a cancer benefit to support her friend and posted a photo of herself before the event.

Because she’s human, she read the comments on her photo and noticed some ridiculous people pointing out her weight.

The fact that she’s not as rock-hard as her tour-ready old self is something Pink has called out herself.

Instead of brushing it off, like so many others do, Pink wanted to address the criticism in brilliant, fist-pumping fashion.

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She followed this up with a photo of her and her husband, 39-year-old motorcycle racer Carey Hart, who was very supportive and not at all hateful like the ridiculous body-shamers on Twitter. As he should be.

Pink’s response to her criticism didn’t stop there. People began tweeting her photos of their own bodies, which she retweeted alongside positive messages because she’s an excellent person.

Never change, Pink. We reckon you’re pretty great as you are.