'There's something seriously wrong with you.' Pink responds to fans who criticised her choice to circumcise her son.

Pink has furiously hit back at those who criticised her choice to circumcise her son after she accidentally posted a photo showing his genitals online.

The singer posted a photo of herself and her two children, Willow, six, and two-year-old Jameson playing with a pelican by a pool.

But she didn’t realise that her son’s genitals could be seen in the snap – something she soon found out when she saw the commentary on the post.

Followers, some who call themselves “intactivists”, had left judgemental comments criticising the mum for circumcising her toddler’s penis.


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Horrified by the comments, Pink deleted the photo, reposting it with black scribble covering her son’s genitals.

In the caption, she slammed those who focussed on her son’s penis in the original picture, and also chose to comment on it, as “disgusting”.


“There’s something seriously wrong with a lot of you out there,” she wrote.

“Going off about my baby’s penis? About circumcision??? Are you for real?

“As any normal mother at the beach, I didn’t even notice he took off his swim diaper.

“I deleted it because you’re all f***ing disgusting.”

Pink said she was also turning off the comments on the image and “shaking my head at the state of social media and keyboard warriors, and the negativity that you bring to other people’s lives”.

“There is something seriously wrong with a lot of you out there. Smfh.

“Here’s a picture of the pelican we obviously caught and abused for hours before dangling baby penis in its face.”

In the US, around half of all newborn boys are circumcised. The American Academy of Pediatrics says the benefits of circumcision outweigh the risks, but does not recommend the routine circumcision of all males.

Parents, meanwhile, are increasingly opting not to circumcise, with the rates of circumcision falling in the country. And in Australia, the rates of circumcision are much lower, with The Royal Australasian College of Physicians estimating in 2010 that just 10 to 20 per cent of newborn boys were being circumcised.

As an aside to the circumcision debate though, there were other social media users who criticised Pink for not taking enough time to notice her son’s penis could be seen in the photo before posting it.

It’s the latest example of a culture pushing back against parents “sharenting” their children’s lives online without their consent.

Last week, Gwyneth Paltrow learned the hard way that her daughter Apple Martin would no longer stand for photos being posted without her permission.



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On a photo of the actress and her daughter at the snow on Instagram, the 14-year-old commented: “Mom we have discussed this. You may not post anything without my consent.”

Paltrow then replied: “You can’t even see your face!”

Both comments were deleted and the image remains on Gwyneth’s Instagram account. However, it sparked debate over where parents need to draw the line in respecting their child’s right to privacy.

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