HOLY CRUSTS: The pineapple on pizza debate has finally been settled.

It’s… happened.

The old-age debate of whether pineapple belongs on pizza has been settled.

And… and… the pineapple eaters have won.

You see, the very fancy number crunchers at Menulog have been, erm, crunching the numbers.


They found that in 2017 pineapple was one of the top three pizza choices alongside cheese and bacon.

A total of 200,000 people selected the humble yellow fruit as an extra topping on their pizza, and a total of 825,000 pizzas came with pineapple on them.

But before you get too excited pineapple fans – 7,000 people chose to remove it from their order.

Anyhoo, the people who deliver our dinner most some nights also found that Hawaiian was the second most popular pizza choice, coming only second to margarita.

They also discovered that Australians ordered more than four million pizzas in 2017 and that Sydneysiders are the biggest scoffers of pizza.

Mmmmm….. pizza.