Bachelorette Georgia Love shares what it's like to pick 'The One' without having sex.

We know The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are all about finding real, unconditional love.

Behind the slightly cringe-worthy dates and cheesy love songs, it is all about finding The One.

It’s adorable.

But, there is a question we have always wanted to know.

It’s something that has probably been on your mind but you don’t want to ruin the Bach atmosphere by asking it.


No sex before picking the one?

How can the Bachelor or Bachelorette finally be sure in picking their one and only without having sex?

We're not saying it's do or die, but surely it has crossed the minds of Richie and Alex, Sam and Sash (we're not counting Blake), Sam and Snez, and Tim and Anna, that if even though they were 100 per cent into one another on the show, what if things didn't go to plan between the sheets.

If you were wondering the same thing as us, Georgia Love has told us everything. Speaking to Mamamia, she definitely recognised the downsides to it, but it actually makes it more romantic.

"There’s pros and cons to [not being able to have sex]," Georgia said.

"I actually really feel that the pros completely outweigh the cons.

"The fact that you don’t get the chance to be ‘intimate’ for want of a better term, actually makes you think so much more about that.

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"You’re not just jumping into bed with somebody, you’re spending time with them, you’re having conversations and you’re learning about them without it being clouded by any physicality like that."

Apparently, being locked up in a mansion also affects other parts of developing a relationship with someone. Like, not stalking their profile hours before you meet, including a comprehensive assessment of all their ex-girlfriends.

"That also goes with not being able to go and check their Facebook," Georgia told us, "and see if they’ve got mutual friends and see what kind of things they post on Instagram or have your friends call you up and say ‘no, I’ve heard he’s a douchebag, don’t go there!’

"You’re just learning about these guys from what you’re hearing from them and what you’re feeling from them.

"I really love the old school part of that. That’s how our parents and grandparents all met – not on reality TV – but by sitting down and having conversations with the people they end up marrying. Not swiping right…"