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Home and Away's Pia Miller shares the impact of her divorce for the first time.

Home and Away actress Pia Miller has revealed the hard time her sons have had following her split with her ex-husband Brad Miller.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, the 32-year-old said “there have been sad times and hard times” for her children Isaiah, 13, her son from a previous marriage and Lennox, 10, following their separation in October last year.

She explained distance between the two parents had made the adjustment hard. Former AFL footballer Brad is based in Melbourne and the boys have moved to Sydney to live with Pia.

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The model said there have been difficult times over the past months “with their friends, or having to say goodbye to me or say goodbye to Brad after a great week or weekend”.

“But all in all they’ve made some really good friends and integrated into their own little school teams.”

“I feel really supported by that school community, my family and my people, it’s been really great,” Pia said.

Brad and Pia split last year after 10 years together.

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In a joint statement they said the decision was carefully considered.

“After several months of reflection we have decided to separate,” the statement read.

“Even though we’ve lived in different states for over 12 months, we have shared ten wonderful years together.

“We will always be supportive of one another. We are, and always will be, a family.”

Pia is now dating film producer Tyson Mullane, but remains friends with Brad.