Home And Away's Pia Miller got rejected from a Logies after party.

Getting rejected at the door of a bar is not the finest moment in any of our lives. But to have it happen while someone is filming you surely makes the experience a little less fun and a little more awkward.

Pia Miller was a stand-out on the Logies red carpet last night, but that didn’t do her any favours when she tried to crack into an after-party at Shane Warne’s Club 23 with her boyfriend Tyson Mullane last night.

The Home and Away actress approached the door at Warne’s Club 23 with Mullane and other unnamed friend in tow. However, Miller and Mullane were knocked back from the sough-after event, told by a woman at the door they were from the “wrong network”.

It didn’t seem to come as too much of a shock for the 32-year-old actress, who laughed off the rejection with the demeanour of someone who very much knew what she was trying to do.

According to the Daily Mail, footage of the saga overheard a friend of Pia joking behind the camera to those manning the door, yelling, “But Pia’s famous!”

The couple didn’t seem too perturbed by the entire ordeal, walking away only to sneak determinedly sneak back later and try to get in once more only to experience the same fate.

Pia Miller on the Logies with her son. Image via Getty.

The actress was nominated in the Best New Talent category at last night's Logies, losing out to Adam Dovile for Better Homes and Gardens. However, it wasn't all bad news for the new actress on the block, with Home and Away taking out Best Drama Program.

Miller announced her split from former AFL footballer Brad Miller last October and confirmed her relationship with Mullane on social media last February.

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