Photoshop Alert: Jessica Simpson

Does she really look so bad before she had half her ribs digitally removed by Elle magazine?


A great analysis of this particular re-touching on Jezebel, including this:

"In a world where lying, deception, and the fudging of facts has become
endemic in everything, all the way up to the highest levels of
government, this is yet another example of a fraud being perpetrated on
the public… and the public, for the most part, is not yet in on the
joke. Magazine-retouching may not be a lie on par with, you know, "Iraq
has weapons of mass destruction," but… when girls as young as eight are
going on the South Beach Diet, teenagers are getting breast implants as
graduation gifts, professional women are almost required to fetishize
handbags, and everyone is spending way too much goddamn time figuring
out how to pose in a way that will look as good as that friend with the
really popular MySpace profile, it’s fucking wrong."

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