A couple's innocent holiday photo is confusing blokes everywhere.

A photograph of two young lovebirds on vacation has gone viral because the top of the woman’s arm has disappeared and it appears as if she’s… carrying a palm tree.

Initially, everyone was confused when Facebook user The Archbishop of Banterbury posted the image with the caption: “F*ckin’ hell, I thought she was holding the tree.”

But soon, as the image was shared on Instagram and across various news sites, a different phenomenon became apparent to us:

This isn’t so much about the tree, as it is about the blokes of the world struggling to notice the very important details in a woman’s outfit since the dawn of time.

(Unless she’s carrying a very large, very unusual, potentially dangerous object – then they might sit up.)

Heads wrecked from this one????

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We have a theory that if the fellas had cottoned onto the fact that most women carry handbags, then, well, this photo might never have blown so many minds.

“It’s her handbag,” woman after woman posted in the comment section of the Instagram post. “Her handbag and her hair,” other women explained.

Still, (mostly) men of the internet didn’t get it.

And, just like that, an accidental optical illusion has shown us what anyone who’s dated a man could already tell you:

It often takes something extra, extra-ordinary to make him notice what you’re wearing, your new hair cut, the type of lipstick you’ve chosen, and whether or not you have the strength to pick up a palm tree.