A mum uploaded a photo of her baby smoking. Her reason is blood-curdling.

A screenshot of a mother’s disgraceful Instagram post has gone viral on Reddit, amassing 13,100 “votes” in as little as eight hours.

In the photo, an infant is seen puffing on a cigarette.

With the post appeared the caption: “Trying brittnies cig hahaha [sic]”

After receiving backlash for the photo, the mother, whose name was withheld by the Reddit user, added: "And for everyone getting offended over this she only had one puff of the thing and barely inhaled it was for a joke photo."

Unsurprisingly, not everyone sees the 'funny side'.

"If she is dumb enough to do this, I'm guessing she was dumb enough to smoke while pregnant as well. Poor kid," wrote one user.

"Calm down, the bullet only grazed her. Joke photo," jeered another.

"Sweet Jesus. Please tell me they've been reported to CPS," wrote another.

And, finally, a user by the name of Voodootumble summed up what every reasonable person is thinking.

"Literally EVERY person I know who smokes or who has ever smoked says that they really struggled with the addiction, see no benefit to it whatsoever, and wishes they had never started," they wrote.

"The fact that anyone would encourage their child to start and view it as something to be proud of just blows my mind, but especially with a one year old. Your kid pretending to do grown up things like drive or go to work or cook dinner is cute. Your kid with a cigarette in their mouth isn't funny at all."

Let's hope this photo is either a fake, or that the mother in question has been suitably punished for such a stupid action.

Because this isn't funny. It's abuse.