A phone has exploded beside a sleeping toddler.

A mother has been left terrified and shaken after a charging Samsung phone exploded beside her sleeping toddler.

Lucy Pinder, 28, was sleeping beside her three-year-old son Joseph when the pair heard a loud bang. She immediately assumed the house was being robbed, until she discovered the smoking Samsung Galaxy S6.

“I woke up to a massive bang and the room was filled with thick smoke,” Pinder told The Sun. 

“Joseph was screaming and the smell of burning was unreal.”

The phone, which had burst into flames without warning, left char marks on the mattress and carpet.

Ms. Pinder’s isn’t the only case of a Samsung phone exploding while charging. Watch a news report on a similar terrifying incident…

“We were so shaken up. If the phone had been charging under my pillow instead of on the floor, we would have been seriously burned.

“Now I’m terrified of leaving my phone on charge overnight.”

Ms. Pinder has since returned the faulty phone to Samsung, who were unable to determine the cause of the explosion.

A spokesperson said they have not identified any faults with the Galaxy S6 model, despite the incident.

Samsung replaced Ms. Pinder’s phone, and will also cover the cost of the damage to her home.