"This show is dead to me." WAG Phoebe Burgess is furious about The Bachelorette finale.

27-year-old writer and TV personality Phoebe Burgess has joined the fray of social media users piling onto Georgia Love following the Thursday night finale of The Bachelorette. 

Because like the rest of the nation, Burgess was also Team Matty J.

(In case you missed it, during the finale of The Bachelorette, Love chose Lee Elliott, a perfectly nice and charming guy, over crowd favourite, Matty Johnson. And people are not at all happy about it.)

"This show is dead to me. Lee is about as exciting as dry toast," Burgess tweeted while watching on in frustration.

"Lee makes me laugh more than anyone in my life' what show am I watching?" Burgess continued. "Maybe the cameras missed that bit," she added.

Love's admission of, erm, love... came moments after the 28-year-old journalist told Elliott he was "the chosen one."

"He's fun, he makes me excited for the future and he makes me laugh more than anyone ever has," Love explained to the cameras. "When Lee told me he loved me...that was the happiest moment of my life."

But Burgess, who is pregnant with her first baby, wasn't buying it.

"I'm so excited to start my appearances and photo shoots with you," she tweeted about the orally blessed duo finally before signing off.


Georgia Love and Lee Elliott. Source: Channel 10. 

Having dumped Johnson first, Love told Elliott, "You make me laugh and you make me happy and you make me excited for the future. And you make me want to take on anything and everything. I have fallen so madly in love with you."

Awww, you guys. Georgia Love found love. Lee Elliott's pearly whites will see another day and Matty Johnson is still single.

Why Burgess doesn't see this as a great outcome, we're not entirely sure.

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