Phoebe Burgess reveals all the strange side-effects of pregnancy she wasn't expecting.

Former magazine writer, TV presenter and now the wife of South Sydney Rabbitoh’s legend Sam Burgess, Phoebe Burgess has revealed all the very strange ways her body has changed since becoming pregnant.

Writing for Harpers Bazaar’s Morning Glory section, Burgess explains there are a few more changes to a pregnant body than just a burgeoning tummy.

First up, her skin seems to be at the mercy of her pregnancy hormones.

“My skin routine has changed quite a bit since falling pregnant as, thanks to my little baby building hormones, it’s different each day and that first glance in the mirror is always a surprise.

“I can wake up with the best skin I’ve ever had – soft, smooth and bright – or I can wake up with red spots around my jawline and irritated cheeks, which makes me want to wear my sunnies and baseball cap.”

More than that, it’s Burgess’ wardrobe that is held hostage to how her body is feeling on any given day.

“My wardrobe selections no longer have any rhyme or reason, and it is probably my most stressful time of the day! I used to love it but now I get a shock when my udders (boobs) don’t quite fit into anything I used to own.


“So it’s Pilateswear or TV clothes (which is a landmine of boob-related tantrums) and babydoll/floaty dresses with sneakers at all other times. And sports bras,” she wrote.

Relaying a very common pregnant side-effect, Burgess also explained how she could not stop eating at certain parts of the day.

“I try to start the day with either porridge or well-done poached eggs and mushrooms on toast, with a freshly squeezed juice.

“At the start of my pregnancy, I just couldn’t eat enough so I’d have a whole-wheat muffin and a piece of fruit mid-morning as well.”

The couple announced their pregnancy in July, with Phoebe announcing the happy news on The Today Show just over six months after tying the knot.

“I can’t wait. I think it’s going to be a big baby!” she joked at the time.

“Honestly, it’s been an amazing ride and now we can share it with everyone.”

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