Check your air filters, and 7 other hacks to save money on petrol right now.

Every dollar we can keep when it comes to putting petrol in the tank is a dollar well saved. 

Considering the major petrol spikes currently being experienced throughout Australia, it's become more important than ever to scrounge and save every bit of extra pocket money we can. 

As petrol prices don't look like they will be going down anytime soon, it seems we will all have to find ways to make our money go further - and that can start by examining the ways we can save on petrol.

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From changing air filters, to downloading a number of fuel checking apps - here are seven hacks to save money on your petrol.

1. 7-Eleven App

The 7-Eleven App allows users to opt for their preferred type of fuel and find the best current local price. You can even lock in the best local price for up to seven days on the app and get cheaper petrol!

Once locked in, users are able to present their 'My Card' to redeem the Fuel Lock offer until the expiry date. 

"We saved about $30 over both of our cars by locking the price in when it was cheaper," Jessica told Mamamia.

2. Petrol Spy

Image: Petrol Spy.


If you're looking to compare fuel prices and find the best price, Petrol Spy is a great app to utilise. One woman told Mamamia that she had opted to use the site as a way to find out what prices are looking like in her area, without needing to physically drive around. 

"You enter your postcode and the type of fuel you’re after, and it shows the current prices," she explained.

The app can be used across Australia and includes information for major fuel stations and even independent servos.

3. Change the way you drive. 

It's easy to assume the way you drive will have little impact on the cost of your fuel, but in actuality, choosing to speed up to close a gap in front of you, or changing lanes incessantly, or constantly braking and accelerating can actually make a costly impact on your fuel consumption. 

So, in future, perhaps opt to alter the way you drive so you can save a few dollars when it comes time to top up your tank at the servo.

As one Outlouder told Mamamia, "I learnt to coast a little bit more. I didn't make drastic changes, but instead made slight ones and it helps. It really, truly does guys!"

4. Remove extra weight. 

If you've been meaning to clean out your car, now is as good as time as any. 

Getting rid of the excess stuff in your vehicle - from that weighty tool box to the unnecessary beach chairs and towels from that long gone summer road trip - helps, as every extra kilo costs money to lug around with you.

ICYMI, that goes for those roof racks you literally never use, either. Take 'em off!

5. Your tyres might be due for some air.

Every vehicle has a tyre pressure placard that informs you of how much air exactly should be put in to your wheels.

Under-inflated tyres can actually cause your car to use more fuel, so it would be good to get into the habit of checking your tyre pressure every time you fill up. 


If the pressure matches the figure in your placard, then you're good to go!

6. Change your air filter.

Not changing the air filter on your car can actually negatively impact the fuel economy of your vehicle. As we all know, a filter collects all the dust, pollutants and dirt that it is in the air to prevent any damage to the engine. But if the filter isn't changed by the time it fills up, it starts to take a toll on how much petrol you use. 

While newer vehicles don't have to worry about this issue as much - it is definitely something to keep in mind if you have an older vehicle.

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7. Join your local neighbourhood page. 

Most towns, suburbs and areas typically have a pretty well-used Facebook page dedicated to everything about that suburb. 

From the best bus routes and reviews on restaurants to everything that is going on in the neighbourhood, there is always someone making a post to ask a question, or someone leaving a comment to answer it. If you're interested to see if anyone else has found a servo that is close by and a cheaper alternative, this would be the best place to go. 

Of course, it's also just an incredible way to be part of a vibrant and social community, so don't skip out on joining your local group's page.... And if you suburb doesn't have one, make one!

8. Utilise your public transport.

Obviously commuting via public transport doesn't work for everyone (particularly those who actually need to drive for work, or do not live in areas with sufficient infrastructure), but for those it does work for... Try to take advantage of it! 

While it sounds like a step you can skip, there is no bigger dent in your budget that you can make than actually not using your car at all. 

If you live next to a supermarket, maybe walk. If you own a bike, put it to good use. If you live close to a bus stop or train station, take full advantage!

Not to mention, it's important to utilise public transport, so our politicians are encouraged to provide better infrastructure models. In result, this can make it safer for bikers, pedestrians, able-bodied people or those who use a mobility scooter or wheelchair. 

It's a win-win if you ask us!

Do you have any petrol hacks? Let us know in the comments below!

Feature Image: Getty / Mamamia.

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