Peter Helliar and Kitty Flanagan just slayed with their presenter's speech.

Right, we can all go home because the best Logies presenter speech was just made.

The Project’s Peter Helliar and comedian Kitty Flanagan began their three-minute speech by commenting on the calibre of the room around them.

“It makes me feel confident that I’m looking at the next ten years of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here,” Flanagan joked.

Our Podcast Director Monz was on the Logies red carpet … handing out clean undies. You can watch the full video below.

Flanagan, dressed in a white dress shirt and vest also asked the audience to “stop asking me to bring you drinks”. An exception was made for Channel 10’s Ita Buttrose, however, Flanagan said she would bring Buttrose “one more Jager Bomb, but that’s it”.

Helliar began his bit by saying, “My name is Peter Helliar, otherwise known as the one on The Project who wasn’t nominated for a Gold Logie.”

“[My table] is a great table, seriously a lot of competition winners. I don’t mean to but I’m sitting with the finest selling newsagents in Australia.”


Despite his two co-hosts, Carrie Bickmore and Waleed Aly being nominated for the Gold Logie tonight, Helliar said he would put his money on SBS’s Lee Lin Chin.

“You betcha,” Flanagan agrred. “Who doesn’t love that wack job.”

Not one to let something go, Helliar continued to poke fun at the fact he wasn’t nominated for a Gold Logie.

“TV Week actually asked me to read out the nominations a few weeks ago, I thought it was a sick joke asking me to list the Gold Logie nominees.”

He also made a point to give a shout out to Breakthrough Star of Tomorrow winner, Ky Baldwin.

“Ky Baldwin gave one of the greatest acceptance speeches, genuinely, if you have a chance look it up. I hear Channel 10 have already signed him up for the new series of Junior Bachelor,” Helliar said.

“My advice Ky, for your first Logies, don’t drink with [Karl] Stefanovic, don’t dance with [Carrie] Bickmore and don’t accept a lift home with the 60 Minutes crew. Although you may not have a choice.”

Not to be outshone, Flanagan made a dig at Australia’s favourite cooking shows, Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules.

“If you want to be a chef, go to this place called TAFE. I feel dreadful for all the people on Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules who say, ‘cooking’s always been my dream, I wish someone told me about TAFE’,” Flanagan said.

“Obviously, TAFE is a little bit different. You will learn to cook with ingredients and utensils rather than cooking with your heart. You will also learn to put food on the plat rather than put yourself on the plate.”

The speech was admired by Twitter users, with one, @presley23, saying that’s ‘the funniest Peter Helliar has ever been’.


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