Lisa Wilkinson is celebrating husband Peter FitzSimons' milestone.

Lisa Wilkinson and husband Peter FitzSimons are currently enjoying a little European jaunt.

They’ve ticked off Athens, the French Riviera and Paris, with plenty more still to come. (Look away now if you’re shivering under your blanket dreaming of sunshine.)

It was in the City of Love (and baguettes and brie) that FitzSimons knocked over a milestone.

No, he didn’t swap his bandanna for a beret.


The author and head of the Australian Republican Movement bought his first pair of skinny jeans.

Welcome to the club Peter – you’ll never go back.

“A glass lift, a spiral staircase, and a slimmed-down hubby who just bought his first-ever pair of skinny jeans. Not much to complain about here,” Wilkinson wrote.


Why now? FitzSimons has been on a health kick for over a year and has lost a significant amount of weight. It’s a ‘journey’ you’ll be hearing a lot more about. (Post continues after gallery.)

His other milestone? A new book in the works.

“For all those who have been asking how Pete lost his 40 kilograms, yes he is writing a book on the subject – in fact he’s finishing it and I’m editing it on these holidays. Out just before Xmas,” Wilkinson wrote.

FitzSimons has written previously about his (ongoing) year of being healthy after Wilkinson told him he “was too heavy.”

“After a good 30 years of being on the endless yo-yo weight plan – very fat…pretty fat…not-so-fat-but-still-a-whole-lot-of-love…pretty-fat…very bloody fat – I’ve worked the whole thing out,” he wrote in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Watch: How much sugar is really in your drinks. Post continues after video.

His strategy mainly revolved around giving up sugar and alcohol.

“You have to rely not on your will power, because that is hopeless. Soon or later – by which I mean two days, max, Boomka – you will fall back into your old ways,” he wrote.

“No, you need to work with parameters you set yourself.”

Image: Instagram/@lisawilkinson.

What’s your biggest style milestone?