Peter FitzSimons on being married to Lisa Wilkinson.

Peter FitzSimons doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to life – or marriage.

He tells it like it is. And that includes how he and wife Lisa, host of Today Show and all round amazing woman, have stayed together and happy for 25 years of marriage.

“We have 50 blissful days. 300 pretty good days. And 15 shockers,” he says of each year together.

The former Wallaby-turned-journalist and red-bandana-wearing chair of the Australian Republican Movement sat down with Mia Freedman for the latest episode of her No Filter podcast.

Mia and Pete in the Mamamia podcast shed.

The couple, who have three children, were introduced by mutual friend, 60 Minutes reporter Liz Hayes.

And within three months of meeting, they were engaged.

Listen to Pete tell Mia the full story, below. Post continues after audio.

“We didn’t muck around… it just felt right. It didn’t feel hard.”

“It was a Sunday night, and I said — ‘I’m tired of this, will you marry me?’

“And she said — ‘Yes, I will marry you.’

“For it to really work, you’ve both got to be nesting at the same time. We met at the same time and we were both ready. A good relationship is like an onion. I still don’t understand Lisa,” Pete told Mia.

In 2007, Peter and Lisa’s world changed when Lisa got the role of co-host on The Today Show.

At the time, Pete was hosting a breakfast radio program with Mike Carlton, Breakfast with Mike and Fitz, at 2UE.

“It had a big impact on our family — because we had two parents getting out of bed at 3:30 in the morning. We weren’t flourishing… we were coping,” Pete told Mia.

Pete said it was just obvious that he took a step back, because Lisa had the opportunity of a lifetime with Today.

He focused on being there for their children in the mornings and writing his books.

Of which there are now 27.

“Lisa right now, there’s no job on earth she wants to do more… It’s made for her.”

Listen to the full interview with Peter, in which he discusses family, writing and why Australia needs to become a republic, below.