8 people on the moment they sent a text to the wrong person.

We’ve all been there. You’re typing a strongly worded text message about a certain someone and then before you know it, you’ve sent it off into the universe when you realise: it’s addressed to the wrong person.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton — famous for his hilarious jokes about rising sea levels — has been forced to apologise after sending a text message labelling News Corp journalist Samantha Maiden a ‘mad f*cking witch’ to Samantha Maiden herself.


As awful Mr Dutton’s message was – and it was certainly unbecoming of someone in public office – he’s not the first person to have made the mistake of sending a text to the person you were supposed to send the message about.

Spare a thought for these people, like this girl who texted her Dad instead of her boyfriend.

Wrong text 1 tumblr
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Or this guy, who seemed to confuse his wife and mistress.

Wrong text message 2 oddee
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And this man, who tried to break up with his wife via text. When she was in the same room.

Wrong number text 3 oddee
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You’ve got to feel for the girl who accidentally recounted her awkward sexual encounters to the guy she was seeing.

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Or this poor soul, who messaged his girlfriend’s father by mistake.

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Then there was Mario, who got a bit more than he bargained for when shopping for a new car.

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Then there was this guy, who has too many exes to keep track of.

WRong text 8
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Spare a thought for poor Sarah, who got more than she bargained for when she opened this message.

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You’re not alone, Dutton, you’re not alone.

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