Peter Conte asked all his Australian Survivor cast mates for their thoughts on marriage equality.

It’s been debated in parliament for years. And no, it’s not the GST (thankfully – that would be hella boring to read about).

With the discussion on marriage equality leading us towards an upcoming postal vote I thought I’d use my 15 minutes of fame from Australian Survivor to weigh in on the issue.

And in speaking out I undoubtedly turned to the Australian Survivor cast to grab their thoughts. After all, I lived on an island with many of these people where we spent hours upon hours strategising, playing “who am I?” and talking about food (we really were starving).

More importantly, I especially valued their opinion because they’re 24 people who’re all vastly different and represent all walks of life – and it was because of this that I was shocked at how united everyone was in their support of marriage equality.

Keep reaching for your rainbow ???? ????

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Within a few hours of asking the cast their opinion every one of them had gotten back to me stating they supported it (often with appropriate rainbow and coloured heart emoji’s, because gay life). And it made me wonder – what is it about these people that despite being so different, united them on this issue?

They’re all incredibly resilient and open minded. In many (if not all) of their responses, their support behind marriage equality was a no-brainer. They didn’t view marriage equality as a threat to their lives the way some organisations that oppose the notion do. And the reason why is simple. Because it isn’t a threat. It has no impact on peoples lives who aren’t gay.

Marriage equality isn’t going to cut your pay cheque (but it might boost it if you’re in any of the industries propped up by weddings), it won’t threaten national security, and people aren’t about to sprinkle glitter on you as you walk down the street if it passes (however, I will gladly welcome anyone who wishes to throw some glitter my way).


But on one hand, I understand why some people – especially from older generations – oppose it. Surely if I had grown up consistently being told something was bad for 30 years my thoughts on the topic would be firmly ingrained.

The cast of Australian Survivor 2017. (Image supplied.)

To these people I want to reach out and ask, even plead with them, to reconsider their thoughts.

Being gay myself I can confirm that is isn't a choice, and we really do just want the right to be able to tie the knot and be officially married to a person we love. A yes vote from you would mean the world to many people in the gay community.

For those who're already in favour of marriage equality please spread your support to your family and friends. Chances are you have or know someone who is gay in your life (whether you know it or not) and they would be grateful for your support.

If there's anything I've learnt from the US election it's that anything can happen. Please voice your support through a yes vote and help ensure marriage equality gets across the line.

Love is love.

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