Pete Evans says his wife regrets her breast implants since adopting a natural lifestyle.

While Nicola Robinson is now a devout ‘nutrition mermaid,’ who swears by a completely ‘natural lifestyle,’ the model hasn’t always rejected all things artificial.

Now 39, she apparently regrets having breast implants.

Prior to becoming well-known in Australia for her marriage to Paleo chef and TV host, Pete Evans, the former bikini model was thrust into the limelight with her marriage to Eric Watson, a wealthy businessperson.

In a bid to shift her public persona from simply the woman on the side of Eric Watson’s arm, she appeared in a a TVNZ special – “Nicky Watson – The Naked Truth”.

In the 2006 television event she got her nipple pierced and discussed her multiple breast augmentations.

Eventually, Nicola split from her partner and was actually the one who introduced Evans to the Paleo lifestyle.

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In his book Going Paleo Pete says, “I can remember Nic was sitting next to me reading [Primal Body, Primal Mind by Nora Gedgaudas] one night and I felt a sudden jab in my ribs… She had this look in her eye and I knew she had stumbled onto something powerful.”

Now, in an interview with Good Weekend, Evans has revealed his wife doesn’t intend to keep her three breast implants around.

Talking to the publication, the 42-year-old says Robinson “deeply regrets” having the implants and “is looking forward to getting the implants removed in the near future”.

While Evans often attracts criticism for his views on health, which are misaligned with leading health authorities, such as Australian Dental Association and Australian Medical Association, Robinson’s views are equally inventive.

Posting on Instagram, she has sprouted the healing powers of fungus and dragon herbs.

I’m very observant of my habitat, or at least I attempt to be & the fact that Mother Nature has me surrounded by Fungi is a crystal clear tip off, that I need to dig deeper into the Earths wisdom & seek more knowledge from the Fungus Kingdom! So what better way to soak up visionary #paulstamets @fungiperfecti extraordinary message about the plausibilities Fungi possess for healing the environment, than to sip on a frothy @dragonherbs supertonic infused cacao, maca & coconut afternoon delight! ???????? #myceliumrunning #mycologicalrescueoftheplanet #uniqueintelligence #iamdefinitelypartofthebemushroomedgeneration PS: @jingorganics have a wide range of Dragon????Herbs along with everything else you could possibly dream of to fill your fridge, pantry & belly! ????

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Evans has captured the attention of the media for his often underqualified and unsafe advice to followers through social media.

A follower who suffers from lupus, fibromyalgia and ITP recently commented that they were hoping to stop chemotherapy and get off medications, thanks to Evans’ diet.

He recommended that, “if you have any autoimmune issues then dairy and grains and legumes should be avoided at all costs and focus on healing the gut.”

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When responding to comments that he didn’t have the qualifications to provide advice to followers, he said they were useless.

“As for getting a degree as a dietitian, why would i waste 4 years of my time to study outdated information when I can spend it studying and interviewing the most UP TO DATE UNBIASED scientists and doctors in the world that are actually reversing chronic diseases instead of trying to MANAGE someones issue that are largely stemming from eating the wrong foods and told to keep eating the same foods [sic]!”

Unsurprisingly, Evans’ Good Weekend profile has been particularly controversial.

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