Rove McManus and Sam Frost get into a heated argument with Pete Evans on air.

After landing himself in hot water for his comments about the ‘poisonous chemicals’ in sunscreen, celebrity chef Pete Evans has hit out at radio hosts Sam and Rove, saying his controversial statements were taken out of context.

But the radio hosts weren’t willing to accept Evans’ backpedaling.

The controversy began when a Facebook user asked Evans what sunscreen he uses. Responding on Saturday night, the father of two answered, “generally nothing as I keep an all over tan all year round and don’t stay out for long periods in the sun.”

Pete Evans with his daughters. Source: Instagram. 

Asking if his comments were misleading or potentially dangerous, Evans bizarrely refuted the post to Rove McManus and Sam Frost, saying, "I use a non toxic sunscreen, I didn't say I don't use any."

But calling out the inconsistency in the dangerous messaging, McManus pushed, responding, "You said that generally, I keep an all over tan all year and don't stay out for long periods, that's what you say. You don't say "but don't do that yourself."

"You're arguing semantics," he insisted.

The Pete Evans sunscreen post that started the controversy. Souce: Facebook.

Insisting that he simply does what is right for his skin type, Evans asked, "You're a father aren't you, Rove? Wouldn't you question things in the market place? Once upon a time doctors used to say smoking was good for you."

Sam Frost also jumped in to challenge Evans, who had started to become defensive, saying, "It's more of a conversation as opposed to a battle but you have received a backlash for the comments you've made....  The Cancer Council feels offended because...they're not impressed saying increased exposure to UV radiation leads to an increase in the risk of skin cancer."

Evans simply responded, "They haven't contacted me".

Frustrated, he then added, "I thought I was talking to intelligent people here..."

Pete Evans with his wife and daughters on their wedding day. Source: Instagram.

Addressing the post on Sunday, the Cancer Council's director of education Terry Slevin explained, "Australia experiences some of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world and we have strong evidence sunscreen reduces the risk of cancer.

"It's surprising and disappointing that someone who has a public following would advise to the contrary," he said.

"It's dangerous for the people who follow his advice."

After discussing the matter for some time, Evans, McManus and Frost all decided to agree to disagree.