Pete Evans' fiancé: The woman behind the activated almonds.

Pete credits Nicola for introducing him to his new way of life.

Meet Nicola Robinson. She is the fiancé of My Kitchen Rules judge/paleo-pusher Pete Evans.

Nicola is a Kiwi glamour model and according to her Instagram she is also a… um… ‘Nutrition Mermaid’.

Yep. Not touching that one.

Is this woman is the reason you can’t stop hearing about raw-vegan cheesecake?

Nicola or Nicky Watson as she may also be known, is the ex-wife of Eric Watson, owner of league club Auckland Warriors. She tried to shed her trophy-wife image in her TVNZ special – “Nicky Watson- The Naked Truth”, in which she got her nipple pierced and discussed her multiple breast augmentations.

Nicola may be better known from her “lads’ mag” model days as Nicky Watson.

Pete credits Nicola for introducing him to his new way of life.

In his book Going Paleo Pete says, “I can remember Nic was sitting next to me reading [Primal Body, Primal Mind by Nora Gedgaudas] one night and I felt a sudden jab in my ribs… She had this look in her eye and I knew she had stumbled onto something powerful.”

While Pete’s paleo love is all over the media, Nicola has been bonding with his daughters Indi and Chilli.

But while Nicola is riding horses and hanging out with Pete’s daughters Chilli and Indi, it is Pete’s paleo passion that is the subject of media backlash.

The Paleo food philosophy calls for the elimination of all legumes, grains, sugar and dairy. While the Heart Foundation and DAA have both advocated against cutting out any food groups entirely, Pete controversially believes the diet can prevent autism.

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