Another leading doctor has taken aim at Pete Evans' "health" advice.

It’s been a rough few weeks for Pete Evans, who found himself at the centre of a massive public backlash after he advised a woman suffering from osteoporosis to cut dairy products from her diet.

Brisbane-based obstetrician Dr Brad Robinson delivered one of the great public smackdowns of Evans’ misinformed health advice last week, but it appears the professionals aren’t done yet.

Another leading Australian doctor — president of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Michael Gannon — has taken aim at the chef and My Kitchen Rules star’s nutritional beliefs, particularly the chef’s endorsement of raw, unpasteurised milk.

Dr Gannon is an obstetrician and gynaecologist who has been the AMA’s president since May this year.


Dr  Gannon has reminded of the importance of getting health advice from those who specialise in health, rather than from celebrity chefs.

The tweet comes just days after Evans posted a meme to Instagram, joking that the Paleo diet was “the most DANGEROUS lifestyle on the planet.”

“Rebels only, lol,” he captioned the image, which mocked public outrage at the controversial diet.