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1. Pete Evans has copped a $25,000 fine for claiming a light machine can treat COVID-19.

Celebrity chef Pete Evans as received a $25,000 fine by the Therapeutic Goods Administration for claiming a light machine can treat COVID-19, the respiratory illness that has caused nearly 200,000 people to die worldwide at the time of reporting.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) issued two infringement notices to Peter Evans Chef Pty Ltd for allegedly breaking the Therapeutic Goods Act on social media.

The TV-famous chef did a live social media video this month in which he extolled the virtues of something called a BioCharger NG — a ‘light therapy’ device.

On the brand’s website, the product is billed as “a hybrid subtle energy revitalization platform that works to optimize your health, wellness, and athletic performance by aligning and balancing the energy of every cell in your body.”

According to Evans, “it’s a pretty amazing tool” that contains “a thousand different recipes and a couple on there for Wuhan coronavirus”.

Image: Instagram.

The creators of the BioCharger NG dismissed the chef's claims saying their product is "not a medical device" and the Australian Medical Association also criticised Evans’ promotion of the product, tweeting, "This guy just doesn’t get it."

Despite having no qualifications in medicine, pharmacological science or dietetics, Evans has a track record of promoting health claims that are dubious at best and harmful at worst.


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2. 'They were frightened by each other’s talent.' The real reason Bardot split.

Image: Getty.

This month marks the 20th anniversary of ‘Poison’, the chart-topping single by Aussie pop group, Bardot.

It also marks 18 years since bandmates Sophie Monk, Belinda Chapple, Sally Polihronas and Tiffani Wood went their separate ways.

The group, which formed on the reality TV series Popstars, exited the industry in 2002 in a beautifully noughties way: a live farewell concert on Channel V. There were tears from both the singers and the screaming audience, and hosts Osher Gunsberg (then Andrew G) and James Mathison even suited up for the occasion. Seriously, there were bow ties involved.

But the reason for their breakup was never made entirely clear. Now, their manager David Caplice has shared his version of events an interview with news.com.au.

“They were five very talented, very beautiful young women who all could have been solo stars – and they knew that," he told the publication. "Instead, they suddenly found themselves in a group that was the product of the most popular TV show in the country.

"It came fast and furious and after a while instead of bonding and becoming the incredible band they could have, they instead allowed insecurity and competitiveness to destroy their relationship.


"In the end, it seemed like a race about who could get to the solo No. 1 first, because they were all frightened by each other’s talent and potential."

The interview comes after three members of the reality TV-born band reunited (via Zoom) for a rendition of their hit song, Poison.

3. Nasser Sultan's dreams have come true. The ex MAFS star is coming back to reality TV.

2018 Married at First Sight contestant Nasser Sultan will be back on our television screens very soon. And were not sure who is more excited: us or him?

The Sydney-based personal trainer, who was unsuccessful at finding love in the experiment two years ago, wants to give it another go on Channel 7 dating show, First Dates.

He is not the first MAFS contestant to appear on the programme, both Steve Burley and Davina Rankin made appearances before their time on Married at First Sight.


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Although this will be our first time seeing Sultan on our screens since MAFS, it is not his first attempt.

Mid last year, he offered to be an intruder on Love Island Australia, in November he applied for Big Brother and more recently, he started an Instagram petition for him to be the next Bachelor 

He also dabbled in a music career, urging Instagram to verify him with a 'blue tick'.


This season of First Dates is currently airing on Seven, so do keep an eye out for him.

4. Hamish and Zoë Foster-Blake are holding knock-off drinks and can we please join?

Just when we thought Australia's favourite couple Hamish and Zoë Foster-Blake couldn't get any better...

The two have now shared a video of them hosting virtual knock-off martinis after a long day of homeschooling their adorable kids, Rudy and Sonny.

Posting the video to Instagram, the couple were silent, but their movements said it all. Please, do watch.


And yes, we will now be googling how we can get an invite for next time.

5. Victoria Beckham launched her fashion label 12 years ago. She's never turned a profit.

Victoria Beckham’s dresses have been worn by Meghan Markle, Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian. Her clothes and accessories are sold in more than 400 stores around the world. Sales totalled £35 million (AU$68 million) in 2018.

But this week, with Beckham taking advantage of a UK government scheme to help businesses affected by the coronavirus, she’s come under attack from Piers Morgan for running a “failing fashion business” that’s been bailed out by her “fabulously rich husband” David Beckham.


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“This furlough scheme was not for prima donna multimillionaires like you two running a failed vanity business that makes no money,” Morgan raged on Good Morning Britain.

So what’s the truth? Has the former Spice Girl made a success of her fashion career, or is it just a “failed vanity business”?

We deep dive in our earlier article here.

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