Pete Evans has some choice words for Rove and Sam over sunscreen interview.

It looks like celebrity chef Pete Evans is holding a rather large grudge.

Evans has used his Facebook page to attack Rove and Sam after a heated argument with the pair on radio on Monday.

Earlier this week, Evans was slammed by the Cancer Council and social media for his controversial comments about the ‘poisonous chemicals’ in sunscreen.

On Monday, he defended his comments on 2Day FM, telling Rove and Sam that his statement had been taken out of context and he was “just trying to share the truth”.

Pete Evans and his kids. Image via Instagram.

The radio hosts refused to accept Evans' backpedaling, with Rove accusing him of "arguing semantics".

Today's Facebook status lashes out at the radio hosts for what Evans believes was a poor interview, in which he was "not being listened to."

"After being invited onto their program as a guest and not being listened to, is there any wonder why their ratings are so bad?" he wrote.

"Have a listen to the interview. This afternoon we will be posting more information about the toxicity of most sunscreens."

Evans then shared a link to the segment from Monday.

Evans' fans appear to be in full support of the chef, with the post accruing dozens of comments agreeing with his claims.

One woman has written, "I used a cancer society sunscreen on my 4 yr old daughter and she ended up getting very burnt and then it blistered," while many others have reiterated that "block out is poison."

They seem to believe that the 'truth' is hidden by mainstream media outlets, with one fan even reassuring the chef that 'natural selection' will get those who continue to use sunscreen and ignore the 'true facts.'

"I think this is called Natural selection Pete," the comment begins. "Those that choose to keep using the chemicals will die earlier and those of us that are sensible and agree with you will live happy healthy lives."


Regardless of what you think of Rove and Sam's radio show, one thing is for certain: You should consult a professional, and not Pete Evans, when it comes to your health.