Pete Evans' latest health advice has once again left people furious.

Celebrity chef Pete Evan’s has been criticised once again for offering health advice.

This time the keen Paleo dieter has advised an osteoporosis sufferer to cut out all dairy after the woman asked him a question about it on his Facebook page during a regular Q&A session.

When the follower asked if Paleo can help with the osteoporosis, Pete responds: “I would strongly suggest removing dairy and eating the Paleo way as calcium from dairy can remove the calcium from your bones.”

The woman, understandably indicated she might check out this advice with her doctor, saying, “I’m obviously going to need to read some more about this”.

Pete then responded: “Read one of my comments below on calcium – most doctors do not know this information”.

The My Kitchen Rules chef’s claims that he knows more about how bones work than medical professionals, who you know, went to university to study all about the human body for several years, has understandably made some people angry.

It seems the TV personality just can’t stop sharing his vocal opinion, previously advising women to avoid veganism if they want to conceive.

He also recently told followers that he doesn’t wear sunscreen because it contains “poisonous chemicals”, a comment Rove and Sam took issue with.

Other critics include Dr Karl, who most recently countered claims about Paleo in a pretty comprehensive argument.

“The paleo diet claims that the period of 12,000 years since we invented agriculture is far too short for our bodies to have evolved to cope with the new foods that agriculture has given us,” Dr Karl said.
“There are major problems at every possible level, from theatrical to practical.”
Yet it doesn’t seem the Paleo diet trend is going to come to end anytime soon. And neither will Pete Evans’s controversial advice about it.
Video via Channel 7