"If I disappear." Pete Evans and his followers are now concerned he will be 'murdered'.


This Sunday night, celebrity chef and controversial public figure Pete Evans will be interviewed on 60 Minutes.

On Thursday, the program released the first preview of the special.

“Coronavirus mind games. SUNDAY on #60Mins, how fear of the global pandemic gave voice to unproven ideas on social media. Are dangerous conspiracy theories just as contagious as the virus?” read the caption on the teaser trailer.


Since it was publicly shared last night, many people have questioned the program for interviewing Evans in the first place. They’ve labelled the interview “dangerous” and “irresponsible” and have asked for it to be scrapped before it goes to air on Sunday.



However, Evans’ followers are more concerned about the 47-year-old potentially getting ‘murdered’.

“I am sceptical, and I also am suspicious. If I disappear, or having a fricking weird accident, it wasn’t an accident,” he says during the trailer.

As Evans is considered a ‘truth teller’ among his 230,000 loyal fans, plenty are now worried about his safety.

On the Instagram post he uploaded discussing the upcoming interview, one follower commented, “Let’s see if [the] media fabricates your truth. Stay safe”.

While another wrote, “They’ll edit the interview with you to suit their own brainwashing corrupt narrative. We’ve got your back”.

Oh and there’s… more.


Evans has recorded the entire unedited 60 Minutes interview himself, and will be releasing it on his social media at the same time as the program airs.


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Have you got your popcorn ready? ????❤️. I was invited to be interviewed for 60 minutes for their story on “why are so many people stepping out of mainstream thinking? Where there was trust, there is now deep distrust”. This is the guts or the core of the story that was presented to me, and I happily sat in the chair and answered to the best of my ability, those questions from my perspective alone. I have also recorded the whole interview which goes for a couple of hours and will share it with you at the same time as their edited version goes to air. I have no idea how they will edit it, nor do I mind. I invite you to watch and listen to their version and also what was fully recorded from my team. ???? I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the channel 9 crew and we had a great time. I only agreed to be interviewed when I heard Liz Hayes would be conducting the interview as I believe her reputation as a journalist is about finding and sharing the truth. Thank you for the invitation channel 9 and I look forward to seeing how this plays out in a respectful and heart centred way ????????❤️ And just so you know there was no money involved for me to do this, this was only done to add my perspective on the issue presented above. ????

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The interview with Pete Evans will air on 60 Minutes at 8:30pm, on Sunday, June 7, 2020.