Just 14 bloody adorable Halloween costumes for your pets because why the heck not?

So Halloween is right around the corner and whether or not that means anything to you, there’s one thing we can all agree on.

Pet Halloween costumes are frighteningly cute.

Forget about buying your kids Halloween costumes. Give them a sheet with eye holes cut out of them like the good ole days because you’ll be spending all your cash on pet costumes instead.

Or on a pet, purely so you can dress them up.

To assist you, we’ve rounded up 14 bloody adorable Halloween costume options for your doggos and cats, because why the heck not?

Kmart Glow In The Dark Skeleton Pet Hoody, $7.

River and Co. “Llama Get Spooky” Bandana, $12.60.


Petbarn Bootique Pumpkin Dog Costume, $14.99.

Hot Dog Pet Costume, $25.95.

TOO MUCH. Image: Costumes.com.au.

Kmart Pumpkin Pet Costume, $7.

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Big W Skeleton Hoodie, $5 (in-store only).

So versatile. Image: Big W.

Kmart Spider Pet Costume, $7.


Petbarn Bootique Sushi Cat Costume, $11.99.

Your cat will hate you for this forever. Image: Petbarn.

Bat Wings Pet Costume, $8.95.

SPOOKY. Image: Costumes.com.au.

Kmart Teddy Bear Costume, $7.

Petbarn Bootique French Toast Dog Costume, $14.99.

OMG. Image: Petbarn.

Kmart Devil Pet Costume, $7 (in-store only).

Petbarn Bootique Pizza Delivery Illusion Dog Costume, $14.99.

That'll be $23.50. Image: Petbarn.

Despicable Me Minion Pet Dog Costume, $28.95.

NO. Image: Costumes.com.au.

That is all.

Do you dress your pets up in ridiculous costumes? Go on, be honest.

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