She danced in a pub toilet with a bin on her head. Does she deserve your sympathy?

Twerking with a bin on your head in a pub toilet. We’ve all been there, right?

It would be hard for your AKA to be: ‘drunk woman in toilets with bin on head’. But, for a little while yet, until another viral video of young people behaving badly takes over the internet, that’s what one 23-year-old woman from Perth will be known as.

She says it hurts and she’s been humiliated and it’s unfair that someone posted this video without her consent.

Is she right?

For those unaware of ‘drunk woman in toilets with bin on head’, on Monday a video was posted of the 23-year-old and her friends trashing a bathroom, laughing and dancing at Botanica Bar and Bistro in Perth. With a floor covered in toilet paper and paper towels, the 23-year-old dances with an upturned bin over her head, twerks and pulls her top aside (it looks like to the camera) to reveal almost all of her breasts.

You can watch the video (where the woman is barely identifiable) below. Post continues after video.

Video via WAtimes

The women claim they didn’t know they were being filmed and the video has now been watched by approximately 250,000 people. They are contemplating legal action against the person who filmed and posted the video.


“I’ve just been completely humiliated by the whole of Australia,” she said to 9News. “(It’s) pretty much every girl’s worst nightmare.”

The woman says she has received death threats and been told she is worse than ISIS.

“I’ve never understood people that can get to the point that they want to commit suicide,” she said to 9News. “But I completely understand now.”

Before I heard the woman’s response, I was going to ask the obvious. The question all the tut-tutterers shook their heads and mouthed when they first saw the footage. ‘At what point does personal responsibility override the “but I was drunk” excuse?’

The 23-year-old says she is sure everyone has done something behind closed doors they are not proud of, but this was done in a public bathroom, not at a private home, and didn’t look like “fun”, it looked like a bunch of privileged women deliberately trashing  someone else’ property.

You can watch the girl’s interview with 9news below. Post continues after video.


I also tut-tutted over what I saw as a lack of a heart-felt apology and what I thought was a whining “It’s-not-fair” response.

Then I listened to what the ‘drunk woman in toilets with bin on head’ had to say and my personal responsibility questions and annoyance over her initial reaction was overridden by the fact that three minutes of this woman’s life has made her “understand” suicide.

Three minutes were broadcast across the world and she was watched and judged by hundreds of thousands of people she didn’t know. She was beamed into dark bedrooms and into the backseat of cars and across rickety cafe tables where she twerked in stranger’s sweaty hands and people laughed at her, verbally abused her and some even made death threats.

She’s right. A large part of this isn’t fair.

‘Fair’ left the planet when the iPhone landed on it.

The Botanica Bar and Bistro. Image: Facebook.

Everyone has a video recorder in their back pocket today. Anybody can film you, and they probably will if you trash a bathroom, stick a bin on your head, twerk and flash your chest. People’s lives are easily turned into public property and the only way to protect your privacy and not be hurt when you make mistakes is to not give people the opportunity to film you when you are being an idiot. Or not care about your privacy.

Or, not to be an idiot.


And she who has not been an idiot may cast the first stone.

I remember a New Year’s Eve a few years ago. It was around 9.30pm and I stopped as I walked the streets with my family and jokingly started to karate chop a wheelie bin. I shadow-boxed a stationary wheelie bin. I was not drunk because any celebration that calls for you to get drunk, I just can’t do.

I was showing off to my husband and kids, telling them I was a spy and everyone was safe with me in the dark (it’s a family joke and a sad one at that). A teenager near me started filming my rather expert karate chopping. I probably ended up on his Facebook feed and those moving images of a well-dressed woman karate chopping a wheelie bin on New Year’s Eve could have grown into anything. What if I was drunk? What if I had a public profile? What if, what if?

Anyone can take a part of you and upload it.

For me, the ‘drunk woman in toilets with bin on head’ has moved from an often asked question about the “I was drunk excuse” (and also the examination of why young women need to get so publicly trashed in the first place), to a worrying tale of losing yourself to the world of social media.

So yes, I feel sorry for the 23-year-old.

And, yes, I also feel sorry for the person who had to go into that bathroom and clean up after her.

Do you think the young woman deserves some sympathy?