This fearless woman caught a snake, and she did it in her Melbourne Cup dress and heels.

Many of us would run screaming at the sight of a snake, not Lisa Harrap.

The Perth snake-catcher was dressed to the nines and about to head home from a Melbourne Cup luncheon when she got a phone call: A homeowner needed her to remove a 1.6 metre, venomous dugite from their garden.

Rather than go home and change, the professional coolly went straight to the house to remove the snake.

“I did bring my gumboots with me but when I found it, I could see it was relatively easy to get to,” Lisa told WA Today.

“Plus I’m pretty confident in my heels.”

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Lisa, who had just won “best dressed” for the ’50s-style red polka-dot dress she was wearing, managed to catch the snake with relative ease in her heels. She then released it into Perth Hills bushland.

Her Perth Hills Reptile Removal co-workers thought the call-out was a laugh and decided to film the catch and post it on Facebook.

“Have you ever seen a more fashionable snake catcher?!” they wrote.

The episode would have been a slight case of de ja vu for Lisa, who had to remove a snake this time last year, also while wearing her Melbourne Cup outfit, which WA Today reported as a snakeskin-patterned dress and facinator.

Is there anything a woman can’t do in heels?

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