Mum shares what life with quintuplets is really like.

Welcoming five babies into the world at one time is no mean feat. Especially if you’ve already got three youngsters.

For Perth parents Kim and Vaughn Tucci, the transition to parents of eight has had to be swift.

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In addition to two young daughters and a son from Kim's previous relationship, the pair welcomed their quintuplets - Keith, Tiffany, Beatrix, Ali and Penelope - into the world in January. Since then they say, they've learned to operate with military precision and the tightest of schedules.

Kim took to Facebook to share how her life has changed and what a day in the Tucci household now looks like.

  • Collectively, the babies go through 60 nappies in 24 hours, 16 outfits a day and a tin of formula every two days (that's 3.5 tins per week).
  • The family follows a detailed chart, which help keeps the parents (and their army of helpers) stay on top of things. "The paperwork has times of feeds, feed volumes, when they've had a wet nappy etc, so this helps us not to miss anything- we haven't yet thank god," Kim wrote.
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  • The babies need feeds every three hours, and sleep for periods of just two-and-a-half hours, so finding alone time is scarce. How scarce? Kim now has to book in toilet breaks.
  • Managing the health problems of five babies has been a challenge. Keith suffers from reflux, colic and wind, and Penelope and Allie from reflux. Thankfully, Tiffany and Beatrix are "angels," and "very quiet and content all the time," Kim says.
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  • Her body is still recovering from the master task that was preparing five babies for the world. "My back feels as though it is D shaped from the pregnancy," Kim wrote. "I think it will take about a year for me to get back to my usual health."
  • The older children still aren't so sure about their attention-seeking siblings. Kim said while her nine-year-old son is old enough to understand what's happening, he occasionally acts out, and the two and five year old girls are in love, but unhappy about sharing their mum and dad time with so many others now.

Watch Kim and Vaughn discuss their remarkable situation with 60 Minutes below. 

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