Perth plane crash victim's final moments are captured in an eerie social media video.

Endah Cakrawati, who was killed on Australia Day when the sea plane she was travelling in with her pilot boyfriend Peter Lynch crashed into Perth’s Swan River, posted a series of chilling last messages on social media before her death.

According to, the 30-year-old documented the moments leading up to and during the ill-fated flight.

Endah Cakrawati final moments
Image via Instagram.

In a video taken from inside the plane that was posted on Instagram, Ms Cakrawati wishes her followers a "Happy Australia Day" before telling them she is ready for the annual Skyworks event.

"We're in Perth and we are ready to go for Skyworks today. Happy Australia Day," she smiled into the camera.

Other videos show the plane's propellers spinning into action, and Cakrawati sitting in the passenger seat of the plane as it takes off.

perth plane instagram
Image via Instagram.

Her last words to be captured on camera before the plane crashed into the river, breaking in half on impact, were "wish me luck".

edna perth plane crash
Image via Instagram.

A crowd of 60,000 that had gathered to take part in the January 26 festivities witnessed the horrifying crash.

The wreckage of the plane - which crashed about 200m off shore, narrowly missing nearby boats loaded with fireworks - has now been recovered.

Endah Cakrawati and Peter Lynch were killed in Australia Day when their plane crashed into Perth's Swan River. Image via Facebook.

Pilot Peter Lynch, a father-of-three, reportedly sent a series of 'nervous' texts to his friends hours before the crash.

"My biggest concern is how hot it is today and the lack of wind," he wrote in a message to friend Mack McCormack.