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"I think I killed that boy": Teen confesses to murder.

Sudanese teenager Kuol Akut was tragically injured at a wild party in the Perth suburb of Girrawheen after being hit in the head with a brick and a bottle thrown by revellers.

The incident occurred after the party, which was attended by over 180 youths, was shut down by police.

A brawl involving a variety of weaponry broke out between two groups on the street.

Akut died six days later from massive head trauma.

Now, a Perth teenager has allegedly confessed to throwing the brick that killed his fellow partygoer, telling a friend, “I think I killed that boy”.

A witness told the court that the boy, whose name cannot be released, confessed the crime to him, saying, “I think I killed that boy. I hit that guy with a brick, it hit him on the side of the face. The guy that was lying on the ground, when I hit him he landed straight on his face. I hope he’s not dead.”

The 17-year-old is being charged alongside Tommy Jackson, 18, who allegedly threw the bottle at Akut's head.

The young boy's defence team has made it clear that they will argue his innocence on the grounds of causation, as it is very difficult to tell whether it was the brick, the bottle or someone's fists who dealt Akut the fatal blow.

Mr. Hope, the lawyer for the defence, describes his client as "respectful", "placid", "quiet" and as an "upstanding citizen". He has no prior criminal record and does well at school.

A bail determination will be made on Monday.

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