What your colouring in style says about you.

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In case you haven’t noticed, everybody has gone crazy for colouring in.

But not everybody colours in the same way. In fact, just by taking a quick look at the pages of a colouring book you’ve been working on, it’s possible to tell an awful lot about you as a person.

The question is, are your pictures more A or B?

A: Neatly coloured in between the lines, entire pages complete and perfect, as if the book came already printed in colour.

B: Full of experimental shading and blending and colour choices, showing flashes of creative genius, but very few pages actually finished.

So what can people tell about you, based on whether you answered A or B? Let’s take a (fairly unsubstantiated and possibly inaccurate) guess…

At school.

Type A: Your uniform was always the regulation length, you pulled your socks up, and the ribbon in your ponytail was one of the school colours. You loved being a “monitor” of any kind. Your report card was full of comments like “a pleasure to teach”.

Type B: You were always getting into trouble over something– skirt too short, nails too long, hair too impossibly cool for school. Your report card was probably full of comments like “talks too much” and “blah blah blah”… who remembers stuff like that? You were a star in art and drama, though.

personality types
“Your report card was full of comments like “a pleasure to teach”.” Image via iStock.

Your wardrobe.

Type A: Your clothes hang neatly on separate hangers, and they’re all in good condition, because you actually read the washing instructions. You have space, because you have a ruthless clean-out every six months or so. You can always find what you want, because you have a system.

Type B: Your wardrobe is crammed because you can’t bear to throw anything out, whether it’s the embarrassingly expensive dress you’ve never worn or your favourite t-shirt, which is full of holes. Your shoes are in a jumble but they’re fabulous. You’re always getting attention for your outfits. Sometimes it’s even the good kind.

personality types
“You’re always getting attention for your outfits. Sometimes it’s even the good kind.” Image via Clueless.

Your fridge.

Type A: Your crisper is full of fresh vegetables. Your freezer has neatly stacked plastic tubs containing meals you’ve cooked, and you know what they all are. You throw away anything past its use-by date when you clean the fridge, which is something you do regularly.

Type B: Your crisper is full of wilted veggies bought with the best intentions. Pushed down the back of the fridge is a container with leftover takeaway that you can’t remember buying. There is at least one unidentifiable item in your freezer. But you always, always have a bottle of chilled white wine or champagne.

personality types
“Pushed down the back of the fridge is a container with leftover takeaway that you can’t remember buying.” Image via iStock.

On holiday.

Type A: You plan your holidays well in advance and make sure you get a good deal on tickets. You read online reviews and find the best places to stay. You learn a few handy phrases in the local language. You know all the best sights to see and you make the most of every moment.


Type B: You choose your destination on a whim and arrive without planning much, thinking you’ll wing it when you get there. You end up paying an inflated price for a flea-infested mattress on a floor and you get ripped off by everyone you meet. But you fall in love, run naked through fountains, and end up with a great story about the night you spent in a local jail.

personality types.
Type A: You guys know how to plan, plan, plan. Image via iStock.

It’s clear both type A and type B people love colouring in, but for different reasons.

Type A, the in-between-the-liners, have a lot of responsibility in their lives. They find colouring-in to be a stress relief. They enjoy setting themselves a colouring task and completing it to their own high standards. It’s very satisfying.

Type B, the lines-can’t-hold-me-inners, are creatives. They’re drawn to colouring-in because of the beautiful pictures and the delight of a new set of pencils, markers or paints. Because they’re pretty chilled already, colouring in is a way for them to express themselves.

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What kind of a colouring-in person are you – A or B?