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Drop a hint for these seriously cute Mother’s Day gifts.

Thanks to our brand partner, Officeworks

My mum likes to end all of our phone conversations with the same phrase. A phrase she’s been lovingly whispering into my ear since I was a child.

“Remember, nobody loves you like your mother does.”

Which, when you look at the woman’s track record, is absolutely completely true.

Like many mums, she was all about going the extra mile with unwavering support, kind words and delicious packed lunches, often with a little love note attached.

So, come Mother’s Day each year, it never seems like quite enough to just pick up a box of chocolates and scrawl “Love Laura” at the bottom of a generic card.

This year I’m going bigger, with personalised gifts that show Mum how much she means to me. It’s time to get a little creative.

Here’s a sneak peak at my list, if you need some inspiration:

1. Personalised Mother’s Day gifts from Officeworks Print & Copy Service.

No two mums are alike. They are all looking to be spoiled on Mother’s Day but not just any gift will do.

This is why I think of Officeworks as a one-stop-shop when it comes to finding a gift for Mum. Officeworks special Print & Copy Service allows you to personalise a gift for your mum using your very own family photos.

With this service you can create a calendar that features you mum’s favourite family moments, a coffee cup with a special message she can use everyday or a key ring with an image of beloved family members she can carry with her always.


Or you could chose to create a collage photo blanket to keep her warm at night or get extra creative by gifting her a personal bag printed with your chosen photo or design.

Using Officeworks Print & Copy Service shows your mum you’ve put in the extra time and effort to create a gift she’ll never forget.

Officeworks' personalised key ring. Source: Officeworks.

2. A name necklace with a special twist.

There’s something extra sweet about giving your mum a gift that will hang just above her heart.

And a personalised name necklace never goes out of style. These personalised name pendants can be designed by you from scratch, using your mum’s name and any other little additions that will make it uniquely hers. Once you’ve finished the design, it will be one of a kind. Just like your mum.

3. Adopt an animal Mum won't have to look after.

If your mum is an animal lover, this is the gift for you. If she's always dreamed of owning a Sumatran tiger or having her very own meerkat to cuddle, we all know that's a little difficult to pull off, but here's the next best thing. Through Australian zoos and animal centres in Australia, you can adopt an animal in your mum's name and treat her to a raft of personalised experiences.

Adopting from Taronga Zoo means your mum will receive a personalised adoption certificate for her chosen animal along with her name on the Zoo honour roll and a special behind-the-scenes experience.

Adopt an animal for mum this Mother's Day. Source: Taronga Zoo.

4. A one-of-a-kind wallet.

For something a little bit luxurious this Mother's Day, why not treat your mum to a personalised wallet from The Daily Edited? These wallets are 100% leather and can in a range of colours such as black, navy, burgundy and pale pink. To ensure the wallet is one-of-a-kind, you can have your mum's initials monogrammed onto it.

You choose the colour, style and font so you can create a gift that truly fits your mum's style and character.

A monogrammed wallet for mum this Mother's Day. Source: The Daily Edited.

5. A special scent for Mum.

Every mum has her own scent. A scent that has the power to elicit strong sense memory and bring comfort to her kids. It may be a little tough to capture that exact comfort in a bottle, but you can sure try.

There are many outlets across Australia that allow you to create your own perfumes and scents to customise a perfume that's unique to your mum. Does you mother love oranges, vanilla and Lily of the Valley? Well, you can mix all those scents together to make an aroma just for her.

To create a signature perfume try somewhere like Libertine Parfumerie.

What are you planning to give your mum for Mother's Day?

This content was created with thanks to our brand partner Officeworks.