22 things your personal trainer is thinking during your session.

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I’ve often wondered what my personal trainer is really thinking as I sweat and puff through our workout sessions.

Can she find out that I actually only went to the gym once this week when I assured her it was at least three? Is she cross at me for rescheduling this session… twice? And has she noticed how nice my coordinated outfit is today?

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To find out, we asked personal trainers to share the awkward things they wish they could tell you. Brace yourselves.

Blake Worrall-Thompson, Personal trainer.

1. It’s not our fault. “Yes, we are there to educate and facilitate your change but we aren’t responsible for that you do in your own time. Do not blame us.”

2. The magic pill that you’re looking for doesn’t exist. “Don’t worry about the fads, pills and potions – only your hard work and discipline will get you over the line.”

3. What you eat behind closed doors shows on the scales. “Yes – they may surprise you when you get on them and you haven’t got the results you want – but that’s because you didn’t do the work you were meant to.”

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4. Put on some deodorant. “It’s a simple thing that goes a long way in the world of a PT.” (Post continues after gallery.)


5. A cheat meal is just that – a “meal”. “Not a cheat day, cheat weekend or cheat month!”

Ali Cavill, Health & Wellness Expert. Owner – Fit Fantastic

6. We know you are eating more than you tell us. “Your trainer is like a doctor. We are not here to judge, but rather to help you, so tell the truth. It’s nothing we haven’t heard before.”

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7. It takes more than paying an account or showing up for a training session to make you fit and healthy. “You can undo your hard work with just one meal or sleep-in or skipped session, and most of the changes you see in your body happen in the 23 hours you’re not spending in the gym anyway.”

8. It can be dangerous to withhold health information. "Even if your trainer hasn't asked, it's up to you to fess up and tell-all when it comes to your health. Even if your doctor has cleared you to train, your trainer needs to know these important health facts to keep you safe."

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9. There is always time to work out, no matter how busy you are. "Even if you have to wake up early or bribe yourself to go to the gym after work, it’s going to improve your quality of life by leaps and bounds."

Kylie Edwards, pilates teacher and personal trainer.

10. It's true, you do actually have to break a sweat to get results. I don't have a magic wand.


11. When you call me at 6:02am to cancel our 6am appointment - yes, I'm already at the gym.

12. I don't care that your new shoes match your spandex, but I love to see when your workout effort matches your goals!

13. I've heard it before and I can tell when you're lying!


 14. Your life will always be busy. "There will always be celebrations and tempting food each week, it's up to you to prioritize your health."

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15. Yes, I have done all these exercises before. "I'm not making them up specifically for you."

16. I'm not vague. "I know if you're following my workout and nutrition program!"

17. Super foods aren't that super. "They can't save you from cheese, wine and late nights." (Post continues after video.)

Guy Leech, Ironman, fitness expert and celebrity personal trainer

18. Amazing workout gear doesn't equal effort. "Just because you buy great looking fitness gear and don’t work out, doesn’t mean you’ll lose weight!"

19. Don't tell me you're not going to do weights for fear of bulking up. "In actual fact, it will firm and tone your body."

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20. If a new fad diet seems to good to be true... "Guess what? It is too good to be true."

21. Any amount of exercise will give you an advantage, even doing just 15 minutes. "So the excuse 'I just don’t have time' isn’t true!"

22. You can't spot reduce fat from your body. "Sorry but just doing sit-ups won’t take the weight from your mid- section (although sit-ups are good for you)."


Are you guilty of doing any of these? What would you like to tell YOUR personal trainer?

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