Five clever tricks anyone with amazing personal style swears by.

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We all have that one friend. You know, the one who always manages to look stunning and put-together in whatever they wear, whatever the dress code.

There’s no secret recipe to achieving jealousy-inducing personal style, instead it’s about making the pieces you choose work for you.

Those with amazing style share a few distinct characteristics…

1. Choose items that make you feel good.

There’s only one question you should ask yourself while shopping: does this item make me feel amazing? If the answer is no, toss it to the side; life is too short to wear things that don’t give you a spring in your step. Women with awesome style look that way because they feel awesome in what they’re wearing.

This summer is all about the midi-dress. Comfortable, breezy and effortless, the Shirred dress by Piper ($119.95) is something every woman can feel glamorous in. Its cute, paisley print and tie-up straps are warm weather friendly and it’ll fit right in at your office Christmas party.

For a more modern look, the Panama Floral Halter Maxi Dress by Wayne Cooper ($199.95) is happiness in a frock.

"Life is too short to wear things that don’t give you a spring in your step." Image: Supplied/Myer.

2. Own a basic, block colour dress.

It has to be said, a block colour dress will be your saving grace over and over again - every stylish woman worth her control undies knows this. From weddings to job interviews to parties, there’s no job too big or too little for the LBCD (Little Block Colour Dress).

Piper’s Embroidered Slip Dress in navy ($129.95) is relaxed enough to get around in all day, but its details give this dress a little extra somethin’ somethin’. Chuck on sandals for a cute day look glam it up a notch with strappy heels when required.

For a more classic look, Basque's Wrap Front D Ring Essential Work Dress will get you through this summer for a cool $129.95.


"There’s no job too big or too little for the LBCD." Image: Supplied/Myer.

3. A white tee goes a long way.

Not only is a white tee one of the most versatile items you could own, but it’s also one of the most comfortable.

This summer take a modern twist with Basque's Battenberg Lace Trim Sleeveless Tee ($49.95). The gorgeous detail around the neck line makes it a winner in my books.

For a more feminine look, opt for Piper’s Ruffle Hem top ($79.95). This girly number will jazz up a great pair of jeans or denim shorts.


"One of the most versatile items you could own." Image: Myer/Supplied.

4. Invest in great accessories.

Often the difference between looking like you left two minutes to dress yourself or 20 is your choice of accessories.

Some look-at-me bright earrings or a chunky, beaded necklaces are every stylish woman’s drab outfit antidote.

A favourite sundress that you revive every summer can take on a new life with a great hat, and a tee-and-jeans combo can feel fresh and new with a pair of shades. This $39.95 Mini Fedora by Piper, and these $29.95 Laguna shades by Miss Shop – both of which you can pick up at Myer - will do the trick.

Add to your outfit for some extra sparkle. Images: Myer.

5. Mix in one new trend with much-loved staples.

New seasons always bring a plethora of trends to try out. Instead of completely upheaving your wardrobe, choose one or two key trends that work with existing pieces you already own. Voila - your wardrobe just expanded hugely with minimal effort.

This summer is all about the off-the-shoulder top, and with a range of styles and colours, there’s bound to be one to suit you. Piper’s denim-look Off the Shoulder Tencel Top ($89.95) can be thrown over just about everything. I’d team it with white shorts for a summer barbeque or a high-waisted flared midi skirt for a dressier occasion.

If you want to go nautical, try Piper's Cross Tee ($39.95) – perfect for drinks by the beach on a Sunday afternoon.

"This summer is all about the off-the-shoulder top." Image: Supplied.

What is your staple fashion item?

This post was written thanks to our brand partner Myer.