A model removed her ribs and got cartoon eye implants to look beautiful.

A model who originally made headlines for removing six of her ribs as a means of looking more like Jessica Rabbit is making headlines again.

This time, it’s Pixee Fox’s eyes that are making headlines after the model got permanent eye implants to make her eyes are kind of “cartoon green”. (Who knew that was even a thing?)

Fox had to travel to India in order to get the procedure done as there are few places worldwide that offer these kinds of surgeries. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they don’t come cheap, with this surgery in particular setting her back a cool AU$8000.

According to The Sun, the Swedish model said it was something she always had her eye on (you’re welcome) and finally made the plunge in April.

“This is something I have wanted since I was really young. I really wanted to have a different eye-colour,” she said.

Image source: Screenshot via YouTube/Barcroft TV.

“I first heard about this surgery three years ago and as soon as I heard about it I knew I had to have it.

“The colour I’ve gone for is sea green. It’s really extreme and something that you couldn’t have naturally.

A seasoned patient of going under the knife, Fox dimissed the idea that the permanency of the operation was something to be wary of.

“It doesn’t worry me that it is permanent; that’s what I like about plastic surgery - the permanency of it.”

And she's true to her word.

The Sun are also reporting the model has spent upwards of AU$160,000 on plastic surgery over the last few years including 19 operations to get to her ideal figure.

Feature image: Screenshot via YouTube/Barcroft TV.

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