Period undies. The evidence is in.


It’s a good day when you learn a new term for something you felt but didn’t realise had a name. Today’s term is “Leakage Paranoia” and it comes via a Kotex survey that reveals 72% of girls wear their daggy undies when they have their period, and save their ‘good’ undies for non menstrual days.

Well, duh.

And then they made it into an ad for U by Kotex that surprised some more than others.

As one wag tweeted: Do girls wear different undies when they have their period? Is this information that was in the public interest? Why no research grant?

Apparently, The Kotex survey of 400 girls between 16 and 24 revealed that 75%  experienced ‘leakage paranoia’ and that 75% of girls have left whatever they were doing at the time to check for leakage in case their sanitary products had failed them.

“It doesn’t really matter who a woman is – a politician, a model, a student or retail worker – we are all bound by the fact we get our periods and 7 in 10 of us keep daggy undies in the drawer for the occasion,” Marketing Manager Dominique Chandler said.

Check out this video of girls admitting what their daggy undies look like..

Do you have particular undies that you wear on certain occasions? Period undies, date undies, work undies?

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