CULT BUY: The brand new 'period-proof' swimwear every woman needs this summer.

Look, I don’t want to sound gushy.

I usually want to keep things calm and within reason.

But, let’s just say I am coming out of a week of my life where this product would have been VERY HELPFUL.

Hence, the gush.

Modibodi, an underwear company who previously made headlines for their ‘period underwear‘, has given girls and women a gift for summer.

Calling them “period proof” swimmers, Modibodi is here to help every woman who needs just a lil’ more help.

“It protects you while you’re in and out of the water by being TOTALLY period and leak-proof, so you can wear it on your period, and for safekeeping if your pelvic floor is prone to leaks,” they have written on their website.

“With innovative patent pending Modifier Swim Technology, this means your water repellent swimmers dry super fast, won’t stain and fights odour too.”

Modibodi have designed them in two styles, Get Your Backstroke, which is your bikini style, and the Set Me Freestyle, your one-piece swimsuit.

So, how does this actually work? We asked Modibodi to break down the science for us and this is what they said.

“The outer fabric is water repellent, which means it dries three times faster than normal swimwear,” Modibodi told Mamamia. 
“Our patent-pending Modifier Swim Technology- The top layer of the gusset absorbs fluid (holding up to 10ml or one tampon of fluid) from the body and locks it into the inner layer, the inner layer locks fluid and the next layer stops the leak through the garment.”

You can watch Modibodi’s latest video explaining how the swimwear works. (Post continues after video.)

In extra good news, the line is available for both women and girls. As Kristy Chong, founder of Modibodi, pointed out, many young girls won’t swim while on their period.

“…Our customers started to ask us for a solution for swimming as 1 in 2 young girls will not swim on her period for fear of a leak,” Modibodi told Mamamia.

Dr Ginni shares the biggest misconceptions women have about their bodies.(Post continues after audio.)

“So we did some category research and it became very clear the swimwear industry lacked innovation and there were no other swimsuit brands on the market that could provide protection fused with fashion, so we decided to change that.”

The swimwear can be pre-ordered for the next 24 days and are available from size six to 18.

You can support their Kickstarter campaign, here.