These period emojis are definitely a thing we need in our lives.

You can use them to order pizza, talk about the weather, discuss your weekend dance plans or share your beauty secrets, but to date the pile of poo is the only bodily function offered in the emoji keyboard.

Given that half the world’s population is likely to menstruate at some point in their life it seems fairly ridiculous that we can’t share our time of the month experiences with those saved in our contacts.

One Argentinian sanitary towel company, Nosotras, is seeking to change that.

Enter #femojis.

“Over the world there is around 300 million women that have their period right now, and none of them is able to express it through emojis, the universal digital language.

“We want to change this situation!,” Nosotras wrote on their petition.

The petition, which is addressed to Unicode (the company responsible for setting emoji keyboard allowances) and has over 35,000 signatures, presents six femojis for possible keyboard inclusion.

These include a pad, for those nights when you don’t want a sleepover buddy but can’t be bothered articulating why.

"Soz babe, can't tonight. Spending the night with a surfboard." Source:

A hot water bottle, for when you want to let your mum know that you wish she was near to tend to your needs.

"Dear mum, be here now. xoxo your dying daughter." Source:

A set of blood stained pants, which is basically the emoji version of  an SOS callout to your girlfriend.

"SEND HELP. And pizza. But mostly help." Source:

A bloated Violet Beauregarde lookalike for those times when your pants won't fit and your period baby game is strong.

"If anyone needs me I'll be over here menstruating. Having a whale of a time." Source:

There's also a hormonal breakout spotty faced girl and a half-rage half-cry faced girl, which are so very real and would be highly useful when calling in sick to work or in attempting to avoid hormonally charged arguments.

"All of the hormones, all of the feels." Source:

Nicola Coronado, Marketing Director of Bodyform, the UK arm of Nosotras said, "Menstruation is a totally natural process – but we have all felt a bit shy about discussing it.

"We want to break down the taboos around periods. There are currently 1620 emojis on the Unicode keyboard, but for the important things in life, like our periods, there is no way to express ourselves in this new universal language.

"And let’s be honest, if an aubergine can prosper on your list of frequently used emojis, we’re certain that you can find a million-and-one uses for Bodyform femojis!"

What are you waiting for? Sign the petition for period emojis here.

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