Period product marketing taken to a whole new level. By this lying 11-year-old.

Well, this has got to be one of the most bizarre period commercials to ever be broadcast….

HelloFlo, a “femcare” supplier of pads and tampons, have created this 2 minute video of an 11-year-old who pretends to get her period for the first time. In the video, she describes how she feels left behind as all her friends have already got their period and so decorates a pad in red nail polish. Our heroine then tells all her very grown-up period-possessing friends, that she is now part of the “cherry slush club”.

Enter: Mum.

Mum is fully aware that her daughter is lying because, you know, periods aren’t sparkly and don’t smell like acetone. Wanting to punish her daughter for lying, mum takes things to a whole new level.

Yes, it’s an ad. But this video perfectly captures the utter awkwardness of pre-teen years and is the ultimate parental revenge.