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'I'm 43 and I'm scared to lose my best feature during perimenopause.'

I’m not a conventionally beautiful woman. I have a larger nose and small breasts, which is not the look you’ll see represented in many magazine and Instagram models, or female actresses etc. (It totally should be! Bring on more Sofia Coppola bold, beautiful large-nosed women!)

I look different to the women I see in the media, but with my tiny waist, I’ve always felt sexy enough. The idea of losing my best feature during menopause feels like a grief point. 

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We’re allowed to grieve.

It’s not anti-feminist to acknowledge change is hard. And menopause is a damn huge change for most women. 

The menopause symptom I’m most worried about is shallow and vain, but I don’t care.

During menopause, more of your fat is redistributed to your waistline. “The thickening” I’ve heard it called. Ew.

As a pear-shaped woman, my waist has always been small and 'feminine'.

I’m not as worried about the other parts of me inevitably changing along with my waist. I’ll resist, of course. It’s hard not to protest your runaway youth.

My face, boobs, and butt already feel like a slow-moving landslide. But I’ve accepted I’ll get wrinkles regardless of what wonder creams I apply. I’ll still apply them. (I’m hoping retinol and vitamin C are as good as the hype).

I’ll be tucking up saggy breasts with the best gravity-defying bras I can afford and keeping other parts up and in with flesh squeezing shape-wear.

Ageing is normal, as much as we’re told it’s not. I plan on embracing it boldly, without surgical intervention. But I know the loss of my girlish waistline will hurt my ego. It just will.

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