Zoe Foster Blake has found the "holy-graily" nail polish we've all been searching for.

If there’s one task that’s near impossible, it’s finding the perfect nude. Nail polish, that is.

You think you’ve nailed it, pop it on… and discover it’s just a bit too pink, grey, brown or ‘granny-ish’.

However Zoe Foster Blake reckons she’s found “the one” – and thankfully shared her (well-manicured) tip with us.

“Yeah yeah nail polish whatever. But the perfect nude (not too pink or white, not too grey or flat, not too almondy or brown, and not too, um, Jennery-y) is a bit holy graily, so I feel compelled to broadcast it,” she wrote on Instagram.


The polish in question? OPI Tickle My France-y.

At $19.95 a bottle it’s not overly cheap, but like a good LBD, a trusty pair of boots or an emergency stash of chocolate, it’s a staple that’s always good to have in.

It makes nails look neat, polished and a little bit fancier than leaving them bare, but is natural-looking enough to pass any uniform or dress codes.

"Yaas! Been harping on about this colour for years! The best wedding/bridesmaid/everyday colour!" wrote one commenter, while another added "I'd get away with wearing this to work at the hospital. Love it. Must have."

It turns out the shade is one beloved by many of Foster Blake's followers already, while others shared their nude of preference.

OPI Samoan Sand, $19.95 , Kester Black 'Buttercream, $20, CND Shellac in 'Silk Pyjamas and Essie Demure Vix also proved to be popular choices.

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Foster Blake also has some handy application tips to ensure you get the most out of your polish.

Rather than apply one thick coat of polish, she advises opting for two thin layers.

"What must be done are two very speedy thin layers. Give each layer 60 seconds to dry and you'll be a lot happier when just 15 minutes later you need to dig into your handbag for your keys, trust me," she shares in her book, Amazing Face.

A base coat and top coat will also help your nails go the distance, and quick dry drops are ideal for those of us who can be, ahem, a little clumsy or impatient waiting for our tips to dry properly.

Image: Instagram/@zotheysay

What's your holy grail nude polish?

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