There's a secret to choosing the perfect lipstick shade: Just get your boobies out.


Excuse us, but it turns out the secret to finding your perfect lipstick shade has been hiding inside your bra this entire time. 

According to a recent episode of The Doctors, women should match their lipstick to their nipple colour in order to find their most flattering shade.

Dr. Travis Stork – a man who I have not once seen actually wear lipstick – revealed this information to a live audience who shrieked in horror at the word ‘nipples’.

This woman is quite literally hysterical over the word 'nipple'. Image via The Doctors.

"NOT NIPPLES!" one woman could be heard yelling.

"However will I check the colour of my nipples? Goodness gracious... how crass."

Twitter promptly responded to the breaking news, with some claiming that they'd discovered this beauty hack years ago.


The theory goes that nature knows best, and nipples are an indication of what suits your skin tone. Whether they're light pink, brown or red, our nipples are said to be one to two shades darker than our skin colour, so they offer the perfect natural palette.

Video via CBS.

It's important to note that this does not make it okay to get your boobies out in Priceline, or present your right nipple to the make up artist at Mac. You definitely should not do that.

But it's worth having a look, and comparing the lipsticks you gravitate towards. You might find it's something you do instinctively.

It also explains why blue lipstick has never, ever looked good on anyone. And if it does - they should probably see a doctor about some concerning coloured nipples.

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