This is the "world's most desirable" female face. But as we've discovered, she already exists.

British plastic surgeons have used their clients’ most common requests to construct a digital illustration of the “world’s most desirable face”.

(Well, for young, white, Western females anyway.)

The image, created by Dr Julian de Silva, is a composite of the most lusted after celebrity features of the last decade; from Keira Knightley’s eyes to the Duchess of Cambridge’s nose and Penelope Cruz’s lips.

Sharing the image on Instagram, the London-based surgeon described the result as “stunning”, but also noted that “the face says a lot about our perception of beauty.”

The most desired face = Duchess of Cambridge’s nose, Jennifer Lopez’s eyebrows, Angelina Jolie’s cheeks, Cher’s jawline, Keira Knightley’s eyes, Selena Gomez’s chin, Penélope Cruz’s lips, Miley Cyrus’ forehead and Reese Witherspoon’s skin.

It might be a computer construction, just a hypothetical, but we think this face exists. One glimpse at Dr de Silva's pic and one name came into our heads:

Nina Dobrev.

You know, Elena Gilbert (etc.) from TV series Vampire Diaries?

Seriously, the 27-year-old Bulgarian-Canadian actress is a dead ringer for this genetically blessed Frankenmodel. The doe eyes. The pointed chin. Eyebrows. The. Whole. Damn. Thing.

Take a look.

Spitting image. Via CW.

Spooky right? It's not just us, we swear.  A handful of commenters on Dr de Silva's post thought the same thing.

Seems like the poor bloke could have saved himself a whole lotta time and effort. All good Dr D. You can go ahead  and cancel that Photoshop subscription now.