A misprint on a Peppa Pig yoghurt left one character with an interesting appendage. Oops.

A yoghurt label misprint has left an unfortunate mistake on an image of a beloved Peppa Pig character.

In a photo shared on Reddit, Suzy Sheep is shown as a “mutant” with an extra eye and a third ear on top of her.

But that’s not all, Suzy Sheep is also sporting an extra appendage – what appears to be a penis between her legs.

The image, which was posted on a UK-based sub-reddit, was titled: “Didn’t know Peppa Pig World bordered Springfield nuclear power station. Really hoping that is an actual third leg.”

Image: Reddit.

It's unclear whether the image is a actual misprint or the work of a clever photo-shopping troll. Either way, it's a little unfortunate...

Many Reddit users weighed in on the photo, attempting to figure out whether or not it's real.


One user wrote, "At first I thought this was just the join in the label... but isn't that off to the right, where the dress cuts off and there's no proper arm?"

Another user replied, suggesting that the 'penis' may have been caused by a printing error. "The image has been overlayed on itself," they said.

Misprint or photoshop? What do you think? Image: Reddit.

"Is the poor creature actually printed like that?" another questioned.

"Oh god, Suzy Sheep is Suzy Ram," one user joked.

"Yeah, with that third leg and extra eye it no longer looks like a normal healthy pig..."