They just did THIS to Peppa Pig.

No. No. No.

Everyone’s favourite little pig just got ruined.


We can no longer look at sweet little Peppa in the same way anymore.

Peppa with her family in happier times.

This is why...

A bakery in the UK decided to make some Peppa Pig cookies.

Great idea, right?

Yeah, until they start to resemble a certain body part...

The droopy-nosed cookies were seen by George Hughes while on holiday in Yorkshire, according to the Daily Mail, and posted to his Facebook page and added this comment:

"So I found these 'Peppa pig' cookies in a bakery … They make me feel uncomfortable."

Since then, poor Peppa got a name change to Pecker Pig with the hashtag going around Twitter.

Here's hoping only adults can spot the XXX suggestion.

Would you still buy one of these cookies for your children?

And if you would like more treats inspired by your nether regions, CLICK THROUGH the gallery. 

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