People magazine's 2015 Sexiest Man Alive has been revealed...

Who do you think the world’s sexiest man is? We’ll help you out.

HINTS: He’s 40 years old.

He’s got a lot of tattoos.

(An essential for all SMA alumni… obviously.)

And he’s quite good at doing that soccer-football-sport thing with his feet and a muddy ball and stuff.

People magazine’s 2015 Sexiest Man Alive is…

Good ol’ David Beckham.

Meh. TOTALLY average. Totally.

Yep, the man who is worth a cool US$350 million is also the hottest guy on the planet, apparently.

The big reveal was made on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, with Beckham obscuring his face via Skype chat to keep the audience guessing.

On winning the title and a very fitting ‘mirror trophy’, Beckham said, ‘This is the best moment of my career, I can’t believe it.’

“I’d obviously like to thank my parents, for bringing me into this world of course.

“I’d like to thank my hairdresser, my stylist, photoshop.”

Watch David Beckham accept his award on Jimmy Kimmel Live (post continues after video).

The former soccer star told the magazine that while the award impressed his wife Victoria, it didn’t seem to have the same effect on his four kids.

“We kind of laughed about it with the boys and the boys kind of laughed at me and said, ‘Really?! Sexiest man alive? Really?’”

Beckham has snatched the award off 2014’s winner, Chris Hemsworth (who shall now be known as only the second best looking man on the planet and therefore totally average-looking).

Who do you think is the world’s sexiest man?